How did your toddler react when you brought home the new baby?

Answer My daughter was 2 and half. She was really sweet at the hospital when she came to visit. Gentle and seemed interested.But the moment she realized that the baby was coming home with us to stay (in... Read More »

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How did your toddler (3 and under) react to you bringing home a newborn?

I never understood how anyone could say that their child became jealous of the new baby. I've done this twice. I brought home my second child when my first was 2. The transition was pretty much ... Read More »

How to React if a Toddler Swallows a Coin?

Would you know what to do if a toddler in your vicinity accidentally (or deliberately) swallowed a coin? Coins are small enough to slip down the airway of a child and large enough to create an obst... Read More »

Can you offer a solution toddler 1 was caught performing oral sex on toddler 2 One toddler is 4 the performer and the other is 3 cousins they were caught Older toddler also has bruises and odd ideas?

Get these children to a doctor as soon as you possibly can. This is an emergency. At least one of these children was obviously sexually molested and needs help now. The police should also be contac... Read More »

How to React when a Baby Pesters You?

While you are in the midst of cooking, or getting dressed, and your young child wants to play, do not show them that you are annoyed or angry at them. Young children only like to play. The best thi... Read More »