How did you tell your mum you started your period?

Answer I was like "MOM I THOUGHT YOU SAID I WAS A BOY!!!!"Yep..

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How to Tell Your Parents You Started Your Period?

Are you worried about starting your first period? Have you started and you have to tell your parents? Follow these easy steps to survive your first period.

How to Tell a Friend You Have Started Your Period?

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You started your period last month but didnt start this month but you havent had sex since your last period and your cramping why havent you started your period this month?

Answer If your under a lot of stress that can cause you to skip, or if your weight has dramatically changed. If it really worries you then I suggest going to the doctor.

Can you be pregnant if the day you were supposed to ge your period you started to get urinary problems like urinate blood and not get your period?

Answer You have a urinary tract infection. Go see the doctor.