How did you learn to cook?

Answer i picked up some basics from watching my mom, but really learned most of it by doing as an adult. it took me five or six years until i felt confident that i could call myself a decent cook.but you ... Read More »

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Where did you learn to cook, who taught you?

I learned from my brothers and sisters. My Father died when I was young, so we all had to work and do things for ourselves, such as cook, clean, go to work (In those days, you could get a job at 12... Read More »

Should boys learn to cook?

How to Learn to Cook With Cooking Classes?

Cooking ClassCooking is an art. Just like other things you get involved in such as a hobby you get better over time. So, be patient!

For all u cooks out there. What is the best dish that u can cook For those who don't cook what's?

Im 16 and I LOVE cooking and baking... My favorite dish that I love making is fresh garlic bread, I make the french bread from scratch and and make the garlic toppings with all kinds of seasonings.... Read More »