How to Figure Out Why a Person Does That Thing That Gets on Your Nerves?

Answer "Aargh! Why does he/she keep doing that?" people can be annoying for a variety of reasons, whether they just hate you or they are just plain annoying.

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How to Make a Paper Figure that Stands Up?

Would you like to make standup paper figures? Do yours curl up and fall over when you try? Here's how to make your paper figure stand up!

Can you help me figure out that name of this song?

Why can't I find a dress that flatters my figure?

Think tight my man. If tight is good, tighter is better. Oh, and don't forget short !

Is there any way that you can figure out information with a P.O. Box number?

No not usually. You can try a google search on the full address and see if anything pops up. Only law enforcement can get access to the information about the owner of a P O Box though.