How did you become good with computers?

Answer The more frequently you use something the better you get i suppose.The WORST thing you can do to learn about computers is taking a class, my friend did a 2 year computer course, then when he went t... Read More »

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Are Dell computers any good They seem to have some good offers on but not sure about them?

We use a healthy blend of Dell computers for Windows users here at work, and Macs for the design people.They seem to have a 3% lemon rate, where sometimes you just get crap parts and have to eventu... Read More »

Is hp computers good?

Ya. if it gets slow just reinstall windows. It is sooo fast!

How good do you think you are on computers?

sometimes i think i am really good but when people ask me about computers usually 50% of the time i will know what they are talking about and 25% of the time i will give them the right information.

Is anyone good with computers?

Open your internet browser (Firefox or IE), go to and run their scanner. It will tell you how many memory slots are on your pc's motherboard and also tell you what types of memory ... Read More »