How did they make hydrogen in 1919?

Answer Man-made production of hydrogen gas was ramped up tremendously after World War I, because of its use in military balloons and blimps. Despite its dangers, hydrogen was used over helium because it w... Read More »

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Who discovered the proton in England in 1919?

Technically, Ernest Rutherford discovered the proton in 1919, according to Dr. Lee Sawyer, Assistant Professor of Physics at Louisiana Tech University. However, scientists theorized about positivel... Read More »

Who made headlight lenses in 1919?

On January 4, 1919, Adelbert R. Gibson filed for a patent for his headlight lens invention. His invention was finally patented on July 13, 1920 by the United States patent office in Chicago, Illino... Read More »

How did US foreign policy between 1890 and 1919 change?

The same reason no one should invade anyone. War is gruesome. More specifically, Iranians are a very warm and friendly people. They are fascinated by western culture and praise the development of w... Read More »