In theory, would you be able to splint a leg with a cut achilles tendon well enough at home for it to heal?

Answer No is the short answer, unless the person injuring themselves had medical knowledge as well as an adequate supply of antiseptic, medical equipment and the ability to operate on them self, even then... Read More »

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Where did the term snake oil originate?

The rubbing of snake oil on sore joints to relieve pain originated in China, a home remedy that migrated to England where “snake oil salesman” attempted to profit from the concept. The phrase h... Read More »

Where did the term hardcore originate?

Hardcore or hard-core originated as a term used by quarriers and masons in reference to stone that had been recovered and reused as filling material. In the mid- to late-20th century hardcore start... Read More »

Where did the term Bluetooth originate?

The term "Bluetooth" stems from the name of a 10th century Danish king. King Harold Bluetooth, or Harald Blatand in Danish, succeeded during his reign in uniting warring parts of his kingdom. "Blue... Read More »

Where did the term restroom originate?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word restroom originated in England in the mid-19th century. It described a room, often in a public place, dedicated to relaxing. Later use, particu... Read More »