How did the teeter totter get its name?

Answer The word teeter-totter is just one of a number of regional variants used to refer to a seesaw. The term teeter-totter is the most popular term after seesaw, and is commonly used in the inland Nort... Read More »

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Who invented the teeter-totter?

No one person is credited with the invention of the teeter-totter (or seesaw), though it was recorded as early as 1704 as a game for children. It is believed to have derived from the actions of the... Read More »

A 5 kg child rest 914 cm from the center of a large teeter totter. where would a 65.77 child need to sit?

For the teeter totter (I assume it is a sort of seesaw) to be balanced, all moments should be balanced. That is:5(9.81)(9.14) = 65.77(X) I assume the 65.77 is in kg.

Teeter Exercise?

Teeter inversion tables are used to release pressure on the spine and relieve back pain. They can be used to simply stretch the back, or they can be used to strengthen your body's core muscles by d... Read More »

California Teeter Plan Law?

The California Teeter Plan (California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 4701-4717) permits counties to pay property tax revenues to local agencies based on assessment amounts. The county retains a... Read More »