How did the snickerdoodle cookie get its name?

Answer The sweet, chewy texture of a snickerdoodle cookie paired with the cinnamon aroma it emanates is the hallmark of this baked good. What isn't as easily recognizable or understood is how it was given... Read More »

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Who invented snickerdoodle cookies?

While there is no agreed-upon inventor of the snickerdoodle cookie, nor is there any substantial evidence proving its primary inventor, many food historians have come to believe that the snickerdoo... Read More »

How to Make Snickerdoodle Cookies?

Snickerdoodles are a great treat for any day!

How many Snickers Bars should I add to my snickerdoodle recipe?

Jack,Will you be battering and deep frying the Snickers bars first? That's how we do it in the South.

Is cream of tartar needed to make snickerdoodle cookies?

Snickerdoodle cookies traditionally require cream of tartar, but this can be substituted with an equivalent amount of white vinegar or lemon juice. (see reference 2) Alternatively, if cream of tart... Read More »