How did the pioneers cure rattlesnake bites and how did they do it?

Answer HOW TO CURE A RATTLESNAKEBITE (HOW THE PIONEERS DID IT.)well first you need to cut a slit of the bite, second fill it with fine salt, bandage it and keep pushing, the posion should come out.THIS IS... Read More »

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If a rattlesnake bites you on your foot should you cut it off?

NO. I hope this didn't just happen to you! Seek medical help immediately. Even if no help is available, cutting off your foot is not an option.

Is there a way to cure ant bites?

To stop the itching put hand sanitizer in it. It may sound weird and might burn but it helps

How to cure tick bites?

EAsy question. Been there done that. I HATE tic bites. But what you need to do is stop with the hydrocortisone and apply some neosporin and deal with that.At least you didn't have those crippy c... Read More »

Why am i getting mosquito bites or some kind of bug bites after the pool its annoying :(?

maybe ur aluget to a chemical in the water.