How did the maple leaf become a symbol of Canada?

Answer The maple leaf has long been a part of Canadian history. Perhaps it is best known for its prominent spot on the country's flag.1700sHistorians believe that because of the qualities of maple sap, th... Read More »

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Why is the maple leaf a Canadian symbol?

The maple leaf has been an emblem of Canada dating to the 1700s; however, it was only in 1965 that this symbol became the official centerpiece of the Canadian flag. The significance of the symbol r... Read More »

Why is the maple leaf important to Canada?

The maple leaf is the national symbol of Canada, making it a very important emblem for Canadians.HistoryThe maple leaf first became a symbol of French settlers along the Saint Lawrence River in the... Read More »

The Importance of the Maple Leaf on Canada's Flag?

The maple leaf on the Canadian national flag symbolizes the nation's land and people, according to the website Canadian Heritage. The incorporation of the maple leaf with the national flag of Canad... Read More »

What year did Canada adopt the maple leaf flag?

Canada adopted its current national flag with the red maple leaf at noon on Feb.15, 1965. The official ceremony was held at Parliament Hill in the Canadian capital of Ottawa. The maple leaf flag re... Read More »