How to Start an Internet Meme?

Answer A meme is an idea, a saying, an action, etc. that people do that travels across generations just like the genes in DNA. Starting a new internet meme is generally a long and depressing process of re... Read More »

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When did the wireless internet start?

Wireless Internet services first became available in 1996. A company named CAI Wireless system developed wireless Internet technologies that could used by telephone companies. By July 1996, AT&T an... Read More »

How to Start Your Own Business on the Internet?

Internet businesses are virtual storefronts that allow business owners to market and sell their products or services to a large number of customers. There are many types of Internet businesses, fro... Read More »

How do I start to get on the Internet with a computer?

Research different Internet providers by looking for those providers online, by contacting local utility providers and searching the yellow pages. Ask each provider what speeds are available, the p... Read More »

When did you fist start using the internet?

I think I started using it around 1997 too, with a 14.4k modem. The old days, when we measured downloads in days, not seconds!