How did the indians make paint?

Answer Paints were used by Native American people for a variety of reasons, including to decorate the body for ceremonies and periods of war. Paints were also commonly used as decoration for cave and rock... Read More »

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What did the Creek Indians use for face paint?

Creeks used materials from their natural environment to make face paint, including berries, plants, roots, tree bark and clay. The materials were used to create different colors, each of which had ... Read More »

Minerals Used by Alabama Indians for Face Paint?

Alabama Indians, like other Native Americans, used face paint for religious, hunting and camouflaging. There were several different natural things that they used to make various colors of dyes and ... Read More »

How did Indians make arrowheads?

Before the introduction of guns by white settlers, Native Americans made weapons out of stone, wood, shells and bone. One of the defining Native American weapons was the bow and arrow, featuring de... Read More »

How did the Indians make arrowheads?

Indians and other cultures used similar methods to make stone arrowheads and other implements. A process called flint knapping was used to create arrowheads for many centuries.FlintFlint is a type ... Read More »