What does a hawthorne bush look like?

Answer It looks like a Raphiolepis shrub, because that is what "hawthorne bush" really is. It makes no sense for it to ever have been called that, there is no resemblance in leaf, flower, or fruit.There a... Read More »

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How do I trim Hawthorne shrubs?

Remove Dead BranchesCut away dead or diseased branches from the shrub after all of the flowers have finished blooming. The Hawthorne (raphiolepis indicus) blooms in early spring. Mid to late spring... Read More »

Is a hawthorne shrub fragrant?

Hawthorn, or Rosaceae Crataegus spp., produces a stunning garden fragrance. This small deciduous tree or shrub typically blooms small, white flowers in mid- to late spring, depending on the cultiva... Read More »

What county is Hawthorne, Nevada in?

Hawthorne is in Mineral County, Nevada. According to the Travel Nevada website, Hawthorne was established in 1881 on the western side of the state. It sits at an elevation of approximately 4,255 fe... Read More »

Are Indian hawthorne berries toxic?

No. Deer and birds eat them, and some people make jam out of the berries.