How did the guatemalan genocide end?

Answer The genocide in Guatemala ended whe the country's President Efrain Rios Montt was deposed in August 1983.HistoryThe genocide was part of a larger civil war between the Guatemalan government and in... Read More »

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Guatemalan Children's Games?

Guatemalan children play modern games such as soccer; simple games with household items, such as eggs and spoons; and games that hark back to a Mayan ancestry. The Mayan civilization was born aroun... Read More »

Is there Guatemalan hip-hop music?

There is Guatemalan hip-hop music. Websites such as and the Facebook page "Hip Hop Nation Guatemala" are popular websites for this type of music. Among youth culture, it's an a... Read More »

Why did the CIA instigate a coup of the Guatemalan government?

America's foreign policy is wrong. America's intervention in the internal affairs of all countries. Wayne has a high cost to America. America needs to spend money for the people of America.

What is guatemalan money like?

Guatemala is a country in South America that borders Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. The country has its own currency, the quetzal. This name of the currency holds Mayan historical signif... Read More »