How did the first man know that after sex a baby is born?

Answer Man has always known that sex leads to babies. It is instinct. That is why monogamy became popular with humans long before almost anything else. f4ee7770-e35f-4f10-999f-edd48ab9c8241.03.01

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What can cause twins to be stillborn after the first trimester and will there by any type of signs so you will know that your babies are still born?

Answerwhen said will you know babies are still born and gone is not correct. Stillborn is when you have carried a baby and the baby has died, and you still have to give birth. STILLBORN, STILLBIRTH... Read More »

Is it only the first born son that can become a junior or can the second born son?

the 2nd one can.. it all depends on your parents name for the baby..

Why do you cut the umbilical cord after the baby is born?

After a child is born the umbilical cord is no longer needed so it is removed.

What if baby born after 42 weeks?

It wont be something wrong with it because it's born after 42 weeks instead of 40. Might be bigger that's all. Most women go over the expected date.