How did the equipment in football change over time in the NFL?

Answer It's hard to imagine how far removed current NFL stars like Drew Brees and Peyton Manning are from the early pioneers of football. Sure, players these days are bigger, faster and stronger, but one ... Read More »

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How did the camera change over time?

How did us foreign policy change over time?

President William Howard Taft coined the phrase "dollar diplomacy" in 1909, to describe providing loans and aid to countries that the U.S. wanted as allies, in order to increase commerce between th... Read More »

Can a person's eye color change over a period of time?

I see people here saying they can get lighter. I suppose that is possible, and I'll believe them on that (it isn't hard to believe), but my experience is with them being darker. My eyes have always... Read More »

Does the salary for homeland security change over time?

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