How Dinosaurs Became Extinct Science Fair Ideas?

Answer After a long and robust 165 million year reign on Earth, dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago. To put some perspective on this, modern Homo sapiens have only been around for about 10... Read More »

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What was the cartoon called that had a kid who was transported to a parallel dimension where Dinosaurs evolved and mankind was extinct?

yes go on Google and type in bakugan viper Helios black pyrus

Are rhinos extinct?

Rhinos are not extinct, although all five species of rhinos are considered to be at risk. The Sumatran rhino, black rhino and Javan rhino are considered to be at critical risk, according to the San... Read More »

Is the megalodon extinct?

Yes. The megalodon was a prehistoric shark that became extinct about 2 million years ago. Also known as "mega-tooth," it is the largest shark or meat-eating fish that has ever lived, growing to an ... Read More »

The Extinct Animals of Georgia?

The reasons for an animal's extinction are usually human-related: overhunting, habitat loss from urbanization and water degradation. Many extinct species that once lived in Georgia were killed for ... Read More »