How did the depression affect people?

Answer The effects of the Great Depression were as varied as the individuals who experienced them. However, it was certainly a time of great hardship for most of those who were touched by it.Unemployment... Read More »

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How did the Depression affect children?

The Great Depression affected children in many ways. It was a difficult time, but also brought many important life lessons. These children, who grew up with strife, brought strength to our nation.T... Read More »

How Age & Depression Affect Hepatitis C?

The hepatitis C virus or HCV affects about 3 million Americans, according to It is the most common infection transmitted and contracted through blood, according to the Centers for ... Read More »

How does depression affect an unborn baby?

if depression runs on either side of the family genes, they baby may have a chance at having it as well. if both parents have depression the chance is greater than if only one parent has it.if you ... Read More »

How did the Great Depression affect the US foreign policy?

See link below for good (and conicise) information on the effects of the Great Depression and foreign policy.