How to Act During a Fire Drill?

Answer If you live or work in a building you probably have a fire escape plan in place. Corporate practices involve periodic mock fire drills to prepare you for a fire drill.If you are notified that you m... Read More »

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How to Fire Drill Train Your Dog?

Thousands of dogs die in house fires every year. Tragically, sometimes the dog that barks and wakes the family, is then too afraid to leave the burning house and dies in the fire. Here's how you ca... Read More »

How to Document a Fire Drill?

A fire drill is an exercise designed to allow those using a facility to become familiar with and practice the exit of a building in case of fire. Institutions such as schools regularly conduct fire... Read More »

How to Do a Fire Drill With a Panel?

If you want to know how to activate an alarm with a Simplex 4010 panel, read this

How to Start a Fire With a Bow Drill?

Imagine you're lost in the woods on a camping trip. You have no matches or lighters and it is becoming dark. Using a bow drill, a fire can be made with relatively easy-to-find materials.