How did the camera make history?

Answer It was a breakthrough because you could show real pictures instead of describing something.Before the invention of the camera the only way to capture real images was through painting. The camera al... Read More »

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The History of Camera Lenses?

Camera lenses work in much the same way as the human eye, focusing an image and transmitting light, color and shape to the camera itself. Lenses are usually made from optical glass, but may also be... Read More »

History of Camera Development?

Cameras have come a long way, from the first crude cameras that projected images onto walls to the day-long exposure times of the 1820s to the 60-second Polaroids of the 1950s and '60s to digital c... Read More »

The History of the Document Camera?

Today, giving presentations is even easier because of advances in technology. The document camera aids in presenting information, video conferencing, displaying documents in courtrooms or highlight... Read More »

The History of the Photographic Camera?

Photographic cameras have their roots in earlier technologies. The camera obscura had been in existence since at least the15th century. The camera obscura was actually an aid in drawing. The term m... Read More »