How did the Mongols make wine?

Answer Traditional Mongolian liquors are restricted to those derived from mare and cow milks, while the people of the Mongol empire enjoyed rice and grape wine and more exotic forms of alcohol.AiragAirag,... Read More »

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Can I drink a bottle of white wine after ingesting a litre of red wine, or will it make me really sick?

Yes --- drinking 2 bottles of any wine (within a few hours or so) will either make you sick, or very very sleepy and maybe both.

Does a wine that cost $ 50 make it any better then a wine for $5 a bottle?

In general, YES.It has to do with how the grape is grown and how the wine is made. Price of the wine (from the winery's recommended price) is not a matter of how rare it is or good it taste; it i... Read More »

What Type of Lifestyle Did the Mongols Live?

The Mongols are traditionally a nomadic people, moving from one pasture land to the next and raising animals. Despite a long history that included the rise of the Khans, and a once-vast Mongol empi... Read More »

When did the Mongols cross over the Great Wall of China?

Genghis Khan, the ruthless, cunning and intelligent leader of the Mongol army, passed through the Great Wall of China in March 1211. He was able to penetrate the Great Wall because of the many alli... Read More »