How did the Marines get their name?

Answer Marines, a name implying fighting men on ships, dates back to 480 B.C., with Greek admiral Themistocles' fleet formed to fight the invading Persians. The British Royal Marines are the forerunners o... Read More »

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Where did the U.S. Marines get their name?

The U.S. Marines are named after the United Kingdom and Dutch marines, both of which were organizations designed to defend sailing vessels. They were originally different from sailors, though, in t... Read More »

Why do US Marines need to cut their hair?

Aesthetics:Short hair looks smarter and tidier.Practicality:US Marines are predominantly Infantry soldiers. As such they may have to spend long durations in the field away from washing and bathing ... Read More »

Do Marines have to pay for their own Kevlar?

Marines are issued gear and do not need to purchase their own. While some Marines do purchase more gear, it is discouraged because the third-party products have not been tested and approved by the ... Read More »

When do marines get their uniform?

When the leader accepts there appearance