How did the Hummer get its name?

Answer Whether you love it's boxy big looks or hate its gas-guzzling ways, the Hummer has been one of the most head-turning sport utility vehicles since 1992. It makes a bold, strong statement whenever yo... Read More »

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Hummer H1 Specs?

The Hummer H1 has a very distinctive look, keeping much of the military appearance of the original Humvee. The H1 offers a powerful turbo diesel engine, high ground clearance and four-wheel drive t... Read More »

About the Hummer H1?

The Hummer H1 was a full-size SUV that existed from the early 1990s to the mid-2000s. Heavy vehicle manufacturer AM General made the vehicle as the civilian version of the Humvee, a military four-w... Read More »

Who invented the Hummer?

Originally developed by the U.S. military as the Hum-Vee, the vehicle was produced for battle by AM General. Following mass exposure to the public during the Persian Gulf War, AM General began prod... Read More »

Hummer H1 Specifications?

The Hummer H1 is a model of sport utility vehicle that was modified from the off-road vehicle that was popular among military forces for its durability and ability to maneuver across tough terrain.... Read More »