How did the Depression affect children?

Answer The Great Depression affected children in many ways. It was a difficult time, but also brought many important life lessons. These children, who grew up with strife, brought strength to our nation.T... Read More »

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How can a mother's depression affect her children's childhood and adulthood?

BANSWER ENSWERIt can really affect not only her children, but her husband, family members and also herself. Children learn from their parents, so any bad habits a depressed person has such as sitti... Read More »

How Age & Depression Affect Hepatitis C?

The hepatitis C virus or HCV affects about 3 million Americans, according to It is the most common infection transmitted and contracted through blood, according to the Centers for ... Read More »

How did the depression affect people?

The effects of the Great Depression were as varied as the individuals who experienced them. However, it was certainly a time of great hardship for most of those who were touched by it.Unemployment... Read More »

How does depression affect an unborn baby?

if depression runs on either side of the family genes, they baby may have a chance at having it as well. if both parents have depression the chance is greater than if only one parent has it.if you ... Read More »