How did the Chumash eat seaweed?

Answer The Chumash culture inhabited the Southern California coast from the Paleoindian Era (beginning about 13,000 BC) until the time of Spanish contact in the 1500s. As hunters, gatherers and fishermen,... Read More »

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About the Chumash Indians?

The Chumash are a tribe of Native Americans who settled in the central and southern coastal regions and northern channel islands of California about 13,000 years ago. Until recently, each band spok... Read More »

What Did the Chumash Indians Eat?

The Chumash Indians inhabited the southern California coast for thousands of years prior to European settlement. First the Spanish conquistadors and then American settlers nearly wiped them out; t... Read More »

Is seaweed a producer?

Yes. Seaweed is a producer. Seaweed is not a true plant–it is, in fact, an algae–but it contains chlorophyll and uses the energy of the sun to create its own food by photosynthesis.References:W... Read More »

Do plankton eat seaweed?

Plankton rely on the energy from the sun to generate energy that other animals would gain from food. Like plants, plankton utilize photosynthesis to create energy to sustain life. Plankton do not e... Read More »