How did the Chumash eat seaweed?

Answer The Chumash culture inhabited the Southern California coast from the Paleoindian Era (beginning about 13,000 BC) until the time of Spanish contact in the 1500s. As hunters, gatherers and fishermen,... Read More »

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About the Chumash Indians?

The Chumash are a tribe of Native Americans who settled in the central and southern coastal regions and northern channel islands of California about 13,000 years ago. Until recently, each band spok... Read More »

What Did the Chumash Indians Eat?

The Chumash Indians inhabited the southern California coast for thousands of years prior to European settlement. First the Spanish conquistadors and then American settlers nearly wiped them out; t... Read More »

How to Detoxify With Seaweed Mud?

Seaweed mud can absorb toxins such as preservatives, pesticides, pollution and bacteria from your skin. Applied topically, it draws out oils from the skin and its high potassium content regulates m... Read More »

Does seaweed contain iodine?

Most seaweed does contain iodine, but because the amount of iodine varies, it is difficult to determine just how much is in different species. Sea vegetables, including seaweed, are classified as a... Read More »