How did the Britannic sink?

Answer The Britannic is well-known as the sister ship of the Titanic, and it met the same fate as the world famous luxury liner. In 1916, the Britannic sunk after being struck by a German mine during Worl... Read More »

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What caused the hmhs britannic to sink?

The HMHS Britannic was a sister ship to the Titanic. In 1915 the Britannic became a hospital ship. After leaving a Mediterranean port in 1916, the Britannic ran into a mine field laid by German sub... Read More »

Do I need a shallow kitchen sink to install an under sink dishwasher?

Installing an under-sink dishwasher typically requires a shallow sink. Using a shallow sink leaves room between the sink and top of the dishwasher being installed. For example, a Space Maker by GE ... Read More »

In an apartment complex why would sink or dishwasher drainage show up in a downstairs neighbor's sink?

Answer Because they share a common drain line which is clogged and there is gravity. Be glad you are not just slightly uphill from the clog. The sink line line needs to be roto rootered to clear o... Read More »

I need to burn some documents in the kitchen sink-will the fire damage the sink?

No one should EVER, EVER light fires in their sink!!! Whoever said that is dead wrong. All you need is one piece of burning ash to fly up out of that sink to start a fire. Get a cross cut shredd... Read More »