How did string instruments come about?

Answer Stringed instruments exist in most cultures, and their origins predate all records. There are lutes depicted in Egyptian tomb paintings. The Bible speaks of King David's harp, and China's seven-str... Read More »

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Appalachian String Instruments?

Appalachian music developed over centuries of immigration and settlement. In the seventeenth century, the earliest settlers in the Appalachian region were of English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh des... Read More »

About String Family Instruments?

Musical instruments in the string family range from small (the violin) to large (the double bass) and produce sound their strings are made to vibrate. This vibration is acoustically amplified by th... Read More »

Unique String Instruments?

Throughout history and around the world, musicians have plucked, bowed and struck strings in order to create a variety of musical effects. While string instruments such as the violin, the harp and ... Read More »

How many string instruments are in an orchestra?

There is no set number of stringed instruments in an orchestra. The number of musicians playing stringed instruments in an orchestra will depend on which musical composition is being performed.Sour... Read More »