How did spammers know my e-mail address?

Answer There are many ways. A small application might be downloaded to your computer while you are visiting a site. That application runs in the background on your system and collects information about yo... Read More »

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How do spammers get your email address?

Spam is a modern nuisance and a time waster. Understanding how spammers can harvest your email address will help you to keep it safe on the Internet and reduce spam.Chat RoomsEmail addresses can be... Read More »

How to Hide Your Email Address From Spammers?

Emailing offers a convenient way of communicating with your friends, family and peers. It also is common to use your email address to sign up for on-line subscriptions and registrations. This is pr... Read More »

How to Stop Spammers From Using Your Email Address?

If you do anything online that requires an email address, you probably already know this puts you at risk for spammers and scam artists to use your email account to do their dirty work. Although yo... Read More »

How to Send Mail From a Different Email Address in Mac Mail?

When you compose a new outgoing message in Mac Mail, the application sends the message through the account corresponding with the last inbox that you viewed. However, you may have configured severa... Read More »