How did sinbad get his stage name?

Answer Sinbad is an actor and stand-up comedian who has starred in sitcoms like "A Different World" and films such as "Jingle All the Way" and "First Kid." He is renowned for his clean, family-friendly br... Read More »

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How to Pick a Stage Name?

So, you wanna strip or do amateur night? Only one problem: you can't use your real name. Here's how you come up with a stage name.

How to Choose a Stage Name?

Choosing a stage name may seem like an easy task, but for most people, it required a lot of thought. You'll want a stage name that you love and that makes you stand out from other performers.

Stage name help (Music)?

Dr. Shadow.Some suggestions:Rumour RemixInvisibleFire Cracker (:D)ZulibarSkuller

What is freddy's off stage of iCarly name?

His name is spelled Freddie, and his off stage name is Nathan Kress.