How did silk affect China?

Answer Ancient Chinese dynasties were the first to develop silk fabrics, which became a sign of fortune and royalty desired by other Asian and Western civilizations, such as the Roman Empire.HistoryAn anc... Read More »

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How is silk manufactured in China today?

Modern silk manufacturing in China follows the same basic techniques as those practiced by their ancestors thousands of years ago--through the production of silkworm cocoons.SilkSilk fabrics come f... Read More »

When was silk invented in ancient china?

While there is no exact date on record, it is believed that the Chinese invented the fabric known as silk around 2,700 B.C. Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms. A cocoon can yield as much as... Read More »

When did the Silk Route in China begin?

The Silk Road was an important trade route from China into western nations that was constructed under the Han Dynasty. It opened in the second century BCE, specifically around 138 to 125 BCE, thank... Read More »

Will cold weather affect fine china?

Fine china will crack if it experiences rapid and extreme changes in temperature, but it will not suffer in ordinary cold and dry weather. However, cold and humid weather can cause crazing -- usual... Read More »