How did schultze define a cell?

Answer Max Johann Sigismund Schultze was a gifted and brilliant German zoologist, and a father of modern biology. His work drew heavily on his predecessors in the field of cellular studies, and he ultimat... Read More »

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How do you define cell?

All living organisms have at least one thing in common--the presence of cells. Although most differ in the number of cells making up genetic composition, cells distinguish the living from the dead.... Read More »

Define Cell Biologist?

Just as the cell has historically been defined as the most fundamental unit of life, the study of the cell is also the most fundamental practice in biology. The study of macromolecules and proteins... Read More »

Define Meiosis Cell Division?

Meiosis is one kind of cellular division similar to mitosis. It provides the cells necessary for sexual reproduction and genetic variety in offspring. Whereas mitosis has one round of cellular divi... Read More »

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