How did roman roads last for so many years?

Answer they were smart

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How much of the u.s. roads are rurals roads?

Probably 95%. Countryfolk live miles apart, and the whole midwest is covered in a maze of roads. That's why the children of the corn can remain undetected.

What are toll roads On my GPS is there is an option of avioding Toll Roads, but I don't know what they are.?

Toll Roads are usually State or Federal Highways that require you to pay a toll before traveling on them. The toll is usually about $2.00. Sometimes, people want to avoid paying money, so on your G... Read More »

Will the roads be icy?

Yes, the roads could very well be icy. Whoever drives you to your dance competition tomorrow should just drive very safely. By the way, best of luck at your dance competition. :)

What is used on roads to melt ice?

Trucks spread salt to melt ice on the road and sand to provide better traction when roads are icy. Salt lowers the melting point of salt so that it will melt at a lower temperature.Source:Frostburg... Read More »