How did roman roads last for so many years?

Answer they were smart

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How many years do tires last?

Tires may seem to last forever, but as they get older the rubber compound starts to degrade and the tire loses its structural soundness. Tire manufacturers warranty their tires against defects for ... Read More »

How many years does QuickBooks Pro last?

The accounting software QuickBooks Pro will operate for several years, similar to other software programs. Some features will need to be updated more frequently if you require them, including payr... Read More »

How many years does a mattress last?

While there is no set formula, a mattress lasts, on average, about eight to 10 years. The quality of a mattress, its use and the type of mattress all affect how long it will last.Source:Choose a Ma... Read More »

How many years did sesame street last?

Kevin Manthei is the one who composed it, if that's what you mean.