Did Rod Serling have a lisp?

Answer The Doctor tried to phone Sir Alistair Lethbridge Stewart. "The Brigadier" From his days as a UNIT advisor. The Brigadier made a brief appearance in The Sarah- Jane Adventures, helping to access a ... Read More »

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Where did Rod Serling get his inspirations?

From himself and short stories that he had read .

Did rod serling wear a toupee?

The host of The Twilight Zone , the late Rod Serling , did not wear a hair-piece . No, but it kind of looked like he did in his later years when he started letting himself go more, getting shaggier... Read More »

Why does Rod Serling have a fascination with people stranded on asteroids?

Which Twilight Zone episodes did Rod Serling write?

Posssibly Lourdes- better known for ( faith cures) of handicaps, etc. My guess this might have been One Step Beyond as there was a very real REALITY ZONE between Religion and Science-Fiction that f... Read More »