How did photography get its name?

Answer Examine the word itself; "PHOTOGRAPHY"It come from two individual words. Photo meaning "Light" and Graph meaning "To Write"Literally it means: "To Write with light" I cannot think of any better way... Read More »

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What is a new name of photography?

Photography's name as a medium of 2D images hasn't changed. Many of the processes have changed with technology. In some cases there are overlaps with other mediums in part due to the digital conver... Read More »

What is the another name of photography?

What is the Latin name for photography?

It is Photography.Photography comes from 2 greek words Photo is the stem that means "light" and graphein is the verb that means "to write" so literally, photography means writing with light

What is a good photography store name?

My photography studio's name is Blue Water Studio. But I think using something natural or catchy like "snap shot studio" would be cool. It helps people remember who you are and get a relaxed feelin... Read More »