How did people print things on to plate before offset printing was invented?

Answer Printing Press.…And before that, we wrote everything by hand.

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What is more accurate digital printing or offset printing?

Most arguments you see on offset printing vs digital printing comes from the perspective of someone that has a interest in one or the other technology. Offset is usually looked at as the higher qu... Read More »

How can i cancel/ delete print command before printing?

Go to the Start > Settings > Printers, and select the printer you sent the print job to.The printer's print queue window will open up and list the print jobs.You can cancel individual print jobs fr... Read More »

When I print -pages of folders are printing before the email?

Why when i print 1 sheet in excel file a blank paper comes out before the printing start?

There could be multiple reasons why this is happening, and without the spreadsheet to look at, I can only give a few things to check on: • A Page Break has been inserted somewhere near the beg... Read More »