Who's a nickelback fan and what some of your favorite nickelback songs?

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Does Nickelback blow you away with their high level of guitar playing?

They play better guitar than most bands do now days. They are very gifted musicians who are unfairly treated because of some sick joke that everyone has piled on to. Nirvana fans who can't get past... Read More »

How to Tell Others Their Gift Is a Donation Made in Their Name?

Telling someone that his gift is something he will never see is challenging. The key to your explanation must be the understanding that the person will eventually like this gift more than any other... Read More »

Name something many women regularly buy for their husbands but men don't buy for their wives?

I was wondering how to DDoS, i have their IP and their host name. read for my reason please help!?

Your question could just have earned you and anyone helping you up to 20 years in prison. It is TOTALLY illegal to attack ANY machine for ANY reason. and we have only your word this person has ever... Read More »