How did microprocessors change computers?

Answer It increases speed of computer by decreases the processing time. A better/latest micro processor has less prossesing type.

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Different Microprocessors?

Microprocessors first came into use in the early 1970s. They are integrated circuits that work as a computer or computerized piece of equipment's central processing unit, interpreting and administe... Read More »

How are microprocessors built?

Microprocessors are programmed circuit chips that give a computer instructions to perform a task. A microprocessor is made of film strips, silicon wafers and wires that have electrical currents mov... Read More »

Do keyboards have microprocessors?

Computer keyboards are input devices that transmit user-generated data to the PC for processing. Because they only accept input and perform no processing, keyboards do not contain microprocessors. ... Read More »

Fastest Microprocessors?

The speed and performance of microprocessors are primarily based on its operating frequency, bus speed, data caches and processor cores. Each of these parts impacts the performance and overall spee... Read More »