How did medieval monks dress?

Answer Medieval monks wore clothing of a simple and symbolic nature, as befitted their dedication to their religious faith. The color of a monk's clothing often identified his specific order.MonksThe Merr... Read More »

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Where did the monks in the Medieval Times live?

During medieval times, monks lived in monasteries, also known as abbeys. These monasteries were designed as self-sufficient communities and consisted of living quarters, farmland and work and worsh... Read More »

How did a medieval friar dress?

Medieval friars' dress varied depending on the wealth of the parish and position within the clergy. Most friars followed the same style variations as the rest of medieval society. Friars are often... Read More »

How to Dress for a Medieval or Renaissance Wedding?

Dressing for a medieval wedding can be very difficult. The majority of people who choose to have their wedding in medieval styles are those who have a lot of interest in medieval re-enactment. This... Read More »

Kinds of Monks?

Christian monasticism varies tremendously in its external forms, but the two main forms are eremetical and cenobitical. Both types enjoy great respect in the Christian world, although they differ i... Read More »