How did manila folders get their name?

Answer File folders in the 19th century were made from Manila hemp, and so were called Manila folders.What is Manila hemp?"Manila hemp" is the common name of the abaca plant, a native of the Philippines. ... Read More »

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What are manila folders made of?

Manila folders get their name from the manila hemp plant. Originally, the folders were made of this material, which gave them their manila, or yellow-brown, color. Now, they are produced from thick... Read More »

How to Build a Model Bridge out of Manila Folders?

Only one of the many possible truss styles. This bridge was built for HO scale trainsManila Folders can be used to cost effectively make an attractive, functional model railroad bridge in N, HO, S,... Read More »

How to Change the Name of the Favorites Folders in Outlook 2007?

The email folders in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 help you organize your emails by category, sender or keyword. The Favorites folders are those you use most often; they are prominently displayed a... Read More »

How to Tell Others Their Gift Is a Donation Made in Their Name?

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