How did louis l'amour affect society?

Answer The writer Louis L'Amour (1908-1988) spent much of his career writing books that helped solidify the notion of the American West in the minds of the reading public. By the time he died, over 200 mi... Read More »

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How many books did Louis Lamour write in his lifetime?

Louis L'Amour, born Louis Dearborn LaMoore in 1908 in North Dakota, wrote 91 novels, 33 short story collections, four non-fiction books and one book of poetry, for a total of 129 books.References:... Read More »

Whatt was Robert Louis Stevenson impact on society?

his effect was people could write more efficently in a common way. (invented paper)

How does headphones affect the society?

How does child abduction affect society?

WE all become altert to our surrounding and realize there are some cruel people out there .. it affects the society in a big way!!