At what location on Earth does each new day begin at midnight?

Answer Each new day begins at midnight at the International Date Line (IDL), which approximately follows the 180th north-south meridian in the Pacific Ocean. The IDL is 180 degrees from the Prime Meridian... Read More »

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When did flowering plants begin to appear on earth?

Flowering plants appeared on earth between 145 and 65 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. The magnolia and the water lily represent some of the earliest flowering plants, or angiosperms... Read More »

At what distance does the Earth's atmosphere end&space begin?

Most of the Earth's atmosphere is concentrated close to the Earth, and only extends about 20 miles from the Earth's surface, depending on where you're measuring from. However, as the layers thin, ... Read More »

How to Get over Someone and Get on With Your Life and Begin Within?

Breaking up IS hard to do. Sometimes, after all the decisions are made, the moves taken care of and the lifestyles adjusted, it's still hard to let go of focusing on your 'ex'. Thoughts and feeling... Read More »

How to Begin a New Life?

Starting life over is something we must do every second. We must not wait until we want to start over because at that point wanting to start life over is only our futile wish to avoid what has alre... Read More »