How did jazz become a form of music?

Answer Jazz, also known as "America's classical music," has the distinction of being one of the only styles of music invented in America. Jazz evolved out of many different styles of music, influenced by... Read More »

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How are jazz dance&jazz music connected?

Jazz has remained a popular musical and dance style because of its ability to reflect cultural changes while holding on to its original flair. Jazz music and jazz dance originate from the simple de... Read More »

What is free-form jazz?

Also known as free jazz, "The New Thing" or avant-garde, free-form jazz evolved in the 1950s as a reaction against the perceived constraints of previous jazz types. Performers of this new style exp... Read More »

How to Write Jazz Music?

Jazz is really fun to play, and yet it is one of the hardest styles to write for. Here's what to do if you're thinking of writing a jazz song.

Styles of Jazz Music?

Jazz has been called the one kind of music that is truly American. Jazz music is distinctive for its use of improvisation, syncopation, multiple rhythms and "blue notes" that are played lower than ... Read More »