How did intel invent the microprocessor?

Answer The invention of the microprocessor happened because a Japanese company wanted to build a small calculator. The creation of this calculator was the catalyst for Ted Hoff from Intel to invent the m... Read More »

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When did Intel introduce the 8008 microprocessor?

Intel introduced the 8008 microprocessor in 1972. The Intel 8008 was an eight-bit microprocessor that was available in 500 KHz and 800 KHz speeds and had 16 kilobytes of memory. The Intel 8008 was ... Read More »

What was the name of the first Intel microprocessor to use a 64-bit wide data path?

The first Intel microprocessor chip to use a 64-bit wide data path is the Intel Pentium processor. The Pentium can handle twice the data load at the same clock frequency as the previous Intel 486 3... Read More »

What year did Intel Corporation introduce the first commercial general purpose microprocessor?

Intel revolutionized the word of technology with the introduction of the 4004 microprocessor in November 1971. Accompanied with the heading, "Announcing a new era of integrated electronics," the 40... Read More »

Which is best A PC with 2.5 GHz Intel i3 and a Intel HD Graphic 4000 or a PC with 2.2 GHz Intel i3 with ...?

2nd one. Dedicated graphics is ALWAYS better than intel HD 4000, or any embedded graphics for that matter. Basically intel HD is good for feeding data to your display, and doing video decoding, It ... Read More »