How did indians make their bows&arrows?

Answer Native tribes of North America made bows and arrows from what was available and what they received in trade from other tribes. The materials ranged from antlers to marsh grass reeds.Preparing a Sta... Read More »

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What wood did Indians make their bows from?

American Indians used a variety of different types of wood to make their bows. Depending on the trees the grew in a given region, Indians made bows using wood from ash, hickory, cedar, oak, juniper... Read More »

How did the Anasazi indians get their name?

The Anasazi were the ancestors of the modern-day Pueblo people. Originally hunter-gatherers, they eventually settled in villages and learned how to grow corn and other crops in the Four Corners sta... Read More »

Who defeated the Inca Indians and seized their gold?

Francisco Pizarro was the Spanish conquistador who invaded Peru, defeated the Incas and seized their gold. He commanded a force of only 180 men with 30 horses, but was able to capture the Incan kin... Read More »

Why did Pueblo Indians build their houses on the tops of mesas?

Pueblo Indians are the modern-day descendants of the Anasazi, who built large, elaborate cliff dwellings in the American Southwest between 900 and 1450 A.D., according to The dwelli... Read More »