How did hip hop music begin?

Answer Long before Kanye West and Lil Wayne topped the pop charts, hip-hop artists like The Last Poets were pioneering the sounds of a genre born out of a larger cultural movement.HistoryDouglas Records r... Read More »

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Where did rap music begin?

Rap music began in the 1980s. It originated in the West Bronx in New York City. The father of rap is named Kool Herc, who immigrated to America from Kingston, Jamaica.Source:Africa Within: The Orig... Read More »

Where did jazz music begin?

Jazz music originally started in New Orleans in the late 1800s, but recordings of the music did not begin until 1917. The development of jazz music comes from blues, ragtime and brass-band music.So... Read More »

When did downloading music begin? put together the first legal music download in 1999. Prior to that, several sites, Napster being one of the most popular, offered users the opportunity to share files. Music was often sh... Read More »

How did reggae music begin?

In the 1970's, Bob Marley helped turn reggae into an international phenomenon with albums like "Rastaman Vibration." The seeds of reggae music were sewn over a decade before out of earlier musical ... Read More »