How did google earth get pictures of my street and house did they?

Answer A sattelite

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How is Google Earth able to take street level pictures?

Do you mean the vew that you can turn 360degrees and see everything as if you were standing there or the roof views? The roof view is done by satelite... As for the actual street view, they have a ... Read More »

How long doesone google earth picture last until they take a new one (satellite pictures)?

It really depends... Taking satellite photos is really expensive and the country/state usually has to pay for it... So it is whenever that area deems it necessary to pay for a new satellite image t... Read More »

What does Google gain from Google Earth and Street View?

Google Earth will attract people to visit Google's website and that brings popularity and money to Google Inc. And there is a Google Earth Pro that must be purchased to be downloaded; that too, ben... Read More »

My home or street is not on Google Earth!! So where am I?

woo hoo, you can run around naked now, safe in teh knowlege no one is spying on you from google earth