How did george devol make the robotic arm?

Answer George Devol invented the first industrial robot and co-founded the first ever robot company. His robot arm helped to revolutionize the industrial process, and the core design is still widely used ... Read More »

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Is George Lopez going to make more George Lopez on nick nite?

The "George Lopez Show" actually ended a few years ago, nick @ nite is only showing the re runs. So to asnwer your question, no hes not making any more new episodes. But he is working on his new sh... Read More »

What is the name of the sitcom that George Carlin was on Fox Network in 1993 in which he played a cab driver named George?

It was called "The George Carlin Show", premiered on January 16th, 1994, made 24 episodes over two seasons. Carlin played New York cab driver George O'Grady.

What is a robotic arm?

A robotic arm is a device that can be controlled to function like a human arm. Robotic arms are often used in factory lines, such as in car manufacturing. Many robotic arm kits are also sold and as... Read More »

Who invented the robotic arm?

The first robotic arm, Unimate, was developed in 1956 by George Devol and Joseph Engelberger. General Motors was able to use the Unimate in automobile production in 1961. The Rancho Arm, an artific... Read More »