Who discovered solar electricity?

Answer Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect in 1839. This effect uses the sun to produce an electrical current in a solid material, and it is the basic process used by photovoltaic cells to... Read More »

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What did people use for ovens before electricity?

What did the Italians eat before Marco Polo discovered Chinese noddles?

Marco Polo did not bring pasta back from China and revolutionize Italian cooking (sorry). Polo returned in 1295 after twenty-odd years of travel away from Italy. In 1279, however, a Genoese soldier... Read More »

How Does Electricity Work in a Car Battery?

The battery in an automobile provides electrical current to start the engine. The car battery stores electricity in a lead-acid chemical form and when you activate the ignition switch the battery ... Read More »

Will a gas range work if the electricity is off?

On One Hand: Gas Ranges Work Without ElectricityGas ranges only need electricity to ignite the flame, and a gas range can be ignited manually. Once a gas burner is lit, it will continue to work as ... Read More »