How did early humans survive?

Answer Early humans lacked the physical strength and fighting capabilities of other predatory enemies. Despite being among nature's weaklings, early humans utilized their unique physical and mental attrib... Read More »

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Can humans survive without photosynthesis?

Humans depend on photosynthesis to survive. Photosynthesis cleanses the air of carbon dioxide and creates the oxygen humans need to breathe. Since plants use photosynthesis to grow, we also depend ... Read More »

How long can lice survive without humans?

Newly hatched head lice must feed within 24 hours to survive, whereas adult lice die in one to two days without a blood meal. While on a host, head lice live for about 40 days. The female lays up t... Read More »

How did humans survive in the past without brushing their teeth?

They didn't have processed foods, sweets, candies, Big Macs, sodas, milkshakes, etc. to eat like we do today.

Tools of Early Humans?

In the modern age, it can often be difficult to conceive of a time without machinery or technology. However, early humans had only the tools that they could make for themselves out of the materials... Read More »